With the AutoGuard™ system, you’ll get 365 days of the safety you need and the convenience you want.

Work with a system that has redefined the standards of quality and design. Our structures boast a simple mechanical system, premium treatments and coatings, and industrial grade parts that are built to last.

Investing in an automatic pool cover is investing in the safety of your family and friends. Our sleek design can be easily integrated into construction plans, or complement an existing pool.

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Introducing the 40 FT Cord Pump from Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. designed with your customers’ safety in mind. The unique 40 FT Power Cord allows for more coverage area without an extension cord, making your customers’ backyards a safer place.
The hose-free and hassle-free water removal solution! Simply attach the CoverBlast to your pool cover pump and watch as it quickly redirects water from your cover without having to deal with a garden hose.