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Our commitment to our people, our products and our process is what sets Automatic Pool Covers apart.


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About Automatic Pool Covers, Inc.

Located in Westfield, Indiana, Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. has worked for more than 40 years to enhance swimming pool experiences by creating a safer swimming environment.  We’ve made the commitment to cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes, and have a clear focus on excellent customer service – and that’s why our products are among the most trusted and innovative in the pool cover industry.

Our History

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. took its first steps into the industry in 1979 as a small pool cover distributor. We continued to grow exponentially into the millennium, becoming a leader of the cover distributor industry. As we continued to grow, we began to use our vast knowledge of the industry to develop and experiment with our own designs with the hope of making the most efficient, convenient and sturdy product.

At the beginning of 2003, we started to put our plans into action by manufacturing our first automatic pool covers, leaving no detail – from ease of installation to commercial grade hardware – overlooked. Today, you can find Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. products all over the world as we continuously look to develop and better our offerings.

Commitment to Innovation

We have made the commitment to continuously improve our products and processes. All of our associates have participated in Lean Manufacturing training, and participate in Continuous Improvement teams throughout the year. Additionally, our Product Development Team comprises associates from across the board – sales folks, engineers, manufacturers – and meets at least once a week to collaborate and brainstorm new product ideas and improvements for existing ones.

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We take pride in providing a safer and more efficient environment for pool owners with innovative high-quality pool covers.

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