Below you'll find some frequently asked questions we receive from automatic pool cover owners and partners. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

Q: Can I walk on the cover? 

Yes, but we recommend only in an emergency.

Q: Is the cover too big? 

No, the fabric is manufactured to include extra material for winterization. Initially, the fabric could appear wrinkled or oversized, but these wrinkles are normal and may smooth out. Our vinyl is designed to have fewer wrinkles than the laminated vinyl that is used by other manufacturers.

Q: Can the cover be opened/closed manually?

Yes, it can. Please contact your service representative for instructions.

Q: If I drain my pool or if the water leaks out, should I close my cover? 

Closing the cover when the water level is any more than six (6) inches below the skimmer could cause damage to the system. Fill the pool to a level where the water supports the system, or call for service.

Q: The cover is opening/closing crooked. What should I do? 

The cover needs to be adjusted. This should be accomplished by a trained technician. Please contact your service representative.

Q: Should I leave the cover pump on the cover at all times? 

The cover pump should be left on the cover at all times. The only exception is during severe winter conditions. If it is too cold to melt the ice and snow on the cover, pull the pump off and place it in a warm area. Place the pump back on when the ice begins melting. We recommend using the 40FT Power Cord Pump from APC.

Q: What is the popping noise I hear when I open and close the cover?

Sometimes the ropes will make this popping noise when they pass through the different pulleys and onto the rope reel. This is normal and not an indication of trouble.

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