Why APC?

Our systems help make your swimming environment the safest it can be.

Why Our Products?

A backyard with a beautiful pool is like a sanctuary; it’s a place to play, entertain, exercise, and rejuvenate. An automatic pool cover allows you to protect this sanctuary, along with those you care about most. Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. creates the highest quality systems that help you keep your pool and family safe with just the touch of a button.  

Innovative Technology, Cutting-edge Manufacturing

The foundation for Automatic Pool Covers, Inc.’s design and construction is what makes our cover coveted around the world.

Our automatic pool cover systems are constructed to give pool owners the most convenient option in pool cover safety. Our automatic systems run real-time user diagnostics to prevent problems, and to quickly locate potential maintenance needs. Built with commercial grade hardware, our units deliver more than 1500 pounds of torque, meaning your pool can be safely concealed or opened up in about 60 seconds or less (depending on the length of your pool)!

Additionally, our covers are built to meet and exceed industry safety standards (ASTM-1346). APC’s coated vinyl fabric covers are the longest-lasting in the industry.

It Makes a Difference

With our automatic pool cover you get a solar, winter, and most importantly, a safety cover – all in one. You’ll notice that pool chemicals last twice as long, in addition to a decrease in water evaporation, heating costs, pool-cleaning time and our favorite benefit, a longer and safer swimming season! This will add up in year-to-year savings and overall pool time enjoyment.

chart of cost savings from an automatic pool cover
Industry logos of ASTM International, Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, and Classified Safety